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Your Hair Will GROW like WILD FIRE! No lie!

Your Hair Will GROW like WILD FIRE! No lie!

This is the perfect concoction to help your hair grow like fire!

I am not joking!

And not only does this perfect concoction help your hair grow but it also moisturizes.

If you live in Nigeria, then you know the serious shege harmattan is showing us this period. Especially the northern part, including Abuja has been terribly hot this year and it’s not funny.

Now, more than ever it’s important to keep your hair moisturized 24/7.

However it’s equally hard to get our hair moisturized because of how kinked our gorgeous curls love to get all coiled and wound up inside every hair follicle on our head.

But trust me, with what I’m about to tell you, if you follow my every word you will achieve longer hair and properly moisturized hair.

So, I stumbled on this concoction over December just before Christmas had started.

Aloe Vera is a perfect ingredient to help moisturize your hair strands

If you don’t know, I grow and sell Aloe Vera Plant leaves.

You can purchase yours by clicking here.

I use this miracle organic leaf for everything. From face mask …

I use this miracle organic leaf for everything. From face mask to pre pooing my hair.

And the times when I use it as a pre poo and sleep in it till the next morning, my hair becomes super duper soft and moisturized.

But this isn’t just a story of how my hair became soft and moisturized.

But also how it grew long in what felt like over night?

So how did my hair grow like wild fire?

Well, I was experiencing some serious dryness and extreme breakage at the start of December of 2018.

And because these 3 ingredients mixed together really worked wonders for me during pre poo, I decided to mix a concoction of my favorite ingredients, castor oil, organic aloe Vera plant gel and vitamin E capsule oil and apply on my hair every day for a whole month straight!

On the 5th day I realized my hair was soft and looking really black and shiny and super moisturized that even my husband commented on it.

When I tell you the level of moisture my hair was eh?! Oh boy!

In my life I have never seen this level of moisture ever!

My curls were popping and my hair was super soft and out of this world.

There were curls galore!

So I normally don’t bother to do length checks but I did take a photo that showed just how much my hair has grown and length retained. A whole .75 inches in one month.

Have you see those memes where there are two girls in a photo. The girl on the left has been growing her hair for 2.5 seconds and it’s already tail bone length and the girl on the right (me) has been growing her hair for 10 light years and is shoulder length.

You see I’ve been growing my hair for going to 5 years and it grows very very slowly. Like turtle slow. My hair never grows more than .35 inches in a month so this point seventy five inches was very impressive to me.

They say hair grows an average of 6 inches a year. That’s half an inch a month.

So excuse my amazement when I saw the length my hair had grown. I couldn’t believe this was my hair! A whole .75 inches. If you rounded it up it was technically just short of an inch.

And the curls!

Oh. My. LAWD!

This amazing organic diy product helped my hair grow .75 inches in just a month

There were curls galore. And they were bouncy.

And when I would do twists, they were chunky and juicy just like all those youtubers.

Hashtag #chunkytwists. Heyyyy! Lmao!

I loved it.

So I said lemme share this story with you good readers about how to get your hair grow longer and stay moisturized during this harmattan.

and without further ado about nothing Here is how you up your moisture game during this hot dry season.

1 Aloe Vera plant click here to purchase

2 Vitamin E capsule oil click here to purchase

And 1 cup of castor oil. Click here to purchase

How to prepare:

Slice 1 leaf of aloe vera into equal parts

Aloe Vera leaf
Aloe Vera leaf on chopping board with a spoon
  • extract the gel from the insides by scraping with a spoon.
Aloe Vera gel extracted from plant inside athe bowl
  • Empty the gel substance into a bowl and beat till it’s soft.
Jamaican Black Castor oil/ Amazon
  • Add 1 cup of JBCO castor oil ( you can use any brand of castor oil I used Jamaican Black Castor oil because of its effectiveness) inside the bowl
Vitamin E oil capsules
  • Add a capsule of vitamin E oil into bow and stir until all ingredients are well blended.
This hair product will reduce breakage, grow your hair longer and keep it moisturized and softer during the harmattan.
Keep your hair from dryness and breakage this harmattan with just Castor oil, aloe Vera and vitamin e oil
  • Pour contents from the bowl inside a bottle and label.

I also went ahead to add a few drops of orange essential oil to the mix to help preserve my amazing diy hair product for a longer period of time and because orange oil does have great benefits for hair care too.

You can of course double or triple the amount when you’re making yours.

Organic aloe Vera sold here in Abuja

Benefits of organic Aloe Vera gel to hair care

Aloe vera gel contains proteolytic enzymes which is great for repairing dead skin cells on the scalp. It acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny. It also promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp and reduces dandruff on your hair.

Go ahead and make your order. Click here.

Benefits of Jamaican black Castor oil to hair care

JBCO does a lot for our hair. The ricinoleic acid (also called omega-9 fatty acid) and omega-6 fatty acids in Jamaican black castor oil improve blood circulation to the scalp, thereby encouraging hair growth. It makes your hair thicker, fuller, and shinier.The great thing about Jamaican black Castor Oil is if you use it overnight without wearing a hair scarf it will not soil your pillow as it easily absorbs.

Benefits of Vitamin e oil to hair care

Dry, irritated scalp can be a sign of vitamin E deficiency.

What Vitamin E oil does is it has antioxidant properties that repairs damaged hair follicles, prevent tissue corrosion, and helps build tissue. This keeps your follicles healthy and promotes healthy hair growth. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and acts as deep moisturizer for your hair, preventing breakage and brittle hair.

Click here to purchase your Vitamin E capsule and start growing your hair immediately

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