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Why get a hair vitamin when you can use this best kept secret for growing hair longer and healthier

Why get a hair vitamin when you can use this best kept secret for growing hair longer and healthier

  • You don’t need to digest hair vitamins when you can spray your hair with rice water.

The thing with taking hair vitamins is the time it takes before you start to see positive results.

Nowadays most of the hair vitamins sold contains fillers and they don’t have every nutrient to help you hair reach it’s long and healthy potential.

Hair vitamins when taken, takes a while to travel down the body and be digested. It takes a long time to see the benefits. It might even take as long as months before you start to see the benefits.

That’s why many women are opting to use the rice water rinse method to grow their hair longer and fuller.

With rice water you start to see results immediately.

Because rice water is in liquid form, when sprayed on hair it opens up the follicles and starts to work immediately.

The benefits of Rice Water are numerous.

Rice water contains



Folic acid



B1 through B6

Vitamin B

Vitamin K and the list goes on

Every nutrient listed above is actually what you will find in a really good hair vitamin

The question is why buy a hair vitamin when you can get this in liquid form and see positive results instantaneously.

The Yao women of China have been using this ingredient to grow their hair for centuries and there are photos to proof its effect.

If you are worried that maybe rice water Rinse is only effective on Chinese or Indian women and may not work on your type 4 hair, don’t be.

Rice water effectiveness depends on the individual and how receptive the hair strands are to the amino acids present.

That just basically means it is not about your hair type but your hair porosity.

It doesn’t hurt to try the rinse for a small period of time.

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