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The reaction a woman got in a hair salon when she told her hairdresser she was the “side chick”

The reaction a woman got in a hair salon when she told her hairdresser she was the “side chick”

Here’s the reaction this story teller got after she informed her African hair dresser that she was the side chick and not the other way round.

Facebook user shared on a popular Facebook change a funny and at the same time serious conversation she had with her hairstylist who refused to date other male.

The hairstylist claimed to be married but separated from her husband for the past 7 years

The husband moved to another country with his new wife many years back but still comes to visit the hairstylist and even has sex with her.

The male customers commended her for staying true to her “marriage” and her man.

However the storyteller called her out. Calling her the side chick.

Read the full story below

So I’m sitting in a hair salon, this hairdresser start telling us “clients and collegues” how her husband moved to another country for 7 years now with another women, she and her husband have two kids together so because of that she still considers the other women the side chick because the other women doesn’t have kids. Her husband doesn’t support their kids but he comes back once in a while for a nut, and she doesn’t screw other men because “she has a husband”… and of course the men in the hair salon were all applauding her and praising her. If you thought these Hotep pickmeashas were worse, you haven’t met the AFRICAN pickme😀 I had to tell her she was the side chick though, and of course I was told I definitely am not marriage material, and I quote “a real women is patient with her husband, eventually the men will stop running around and come back to his matrimonial home” 😊 WE HAVE TO DO BETTER AS AFRICAN WOMEN… AND WOMEN IN GENERAL…

What do you think fam? Who’s the side chick? The hair dresser or the new wife?

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