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Labena Hair and Beards Groeth Serum


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LANBENA 20ml Hair Growth Essence Fast Powerful Hair Care Essential Oil Liquid Treatment Preventing Hair Loss Products for men and women. It treats your hair with rich nourishment, strengthens the nutrition of the hair root, accelerates hair growth and prevents baldness.

Leaves your Beard clean,soft and manageable.

-- It Enhances and stimulates hair root and follicles. 

-- It improves hair / beards quality. 

--Easy to use and quicken hair loss prevention in 14 days. 

-- No side effects.

Key features

Treat your hair with rich nourishment, 

strengthen the nutrition of hair root, 

accelerate hair growth, 

prevent baldness effectively

cure scalp and provide it with protection

Blend of Natural & Essential oils.

Accelerate hair growth.

prevent baldness

cure scalp and provide it with protection.

treat your hair with rich nourishment.

strengthen the nutrition of hair root

Design to coat,soften and tame the grizzliest beards

Hydrate the hair

Makes the skin feel less dry and itchy.

It improves hair/beard quality


Makes hair/beard grow fast,neat and soft.

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