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Find out how to make money from Nigeria’s multi million dollar hair industry. And you don’t even need to find customers. They’re already looking for you.

Find out how to make money from Nigeria’s multi million dollar hair industry. And you don’t even need to find customers. They’re already looking for you.

The Nigerian hair industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is constantly churning out wads of cash for its business owners. And the best part is there are many ways to make money from it.

You don’t need a shop in which to sell hair products and accessories, nor do you need a salon before you can start making hair and earning money.

The world wide web has made it easier for people to be connected with just a touch of a button. And online marketplace like Naija Hairland is making it easier for mobile hairdressers to earn money by connecting them to customers in their areas desparetly in need of a professional hairdresser.

But just what is a mobile hairdresser and how can you be one?

A mobile hairdresser or hair stylist is someone who visits the homes of clients and makes the clients hair all in the comfort of their home.

Mobile hairdressers have been earning a living from this profession since the beginning of time. Celebrities make use of mobile hairdressers all the time, as do brides and their bridal party. And there are everyday people, on-the-go people, people such as bankers, pregnant moms and those who do not have the luxury of time to go into salons and get their hair done who employ the use of mobile hair stylists to get their hair beautiful and ready for the week ahead.

It’s so easy to be a mobile hairdresser and to find customers.

If you enjoy being a hair stylist, but dislike being tied down to one location, you should consider starting a professional mobile hair business and earning big bucks. Getting started is easy, and you don’t need a huge investment. You can be your own boss and visit clients anywhere, anyplace.

Before you become a mobile hairdresser, here are a few things you should check off the list:

  • Do your research. understand how to make intricate clever styles such as triangle braids, Bantu knots, geometry box braids etc. Know how to take care of natural hair and relaxed hair, know how to fix weave-ons and also deep condition hair.
  • Buy hair making tools such as wide tooth combs, hair treatment creams, hair dryer, electric steam caps etc
  • Practice making the latest hairstyles on friends and families and take pictures for proof to show to clients
  • Advertise your hair making services on social media sites and nice marketplace websites such as Naija
  • Keep your prices affordable. You can include transport fair in the regular price but try not to go overboard so as to keep your clients.

Your customers are already looking for you. You just need to open up shop.

Connect with your hair customers and earn money in real time!

Find a hairstylist in your area. Only on
Find a hairstylist in your area. Only on

How to find Clients and start earning money

Now  that you’ve ticked all the boxes in the above text, the next things is how to get started.

It’s so easy! Tell friends and families about your new buiness.

Start a social media page and build a follwoing

Collaborate with influencers

Open an online shop for free on niche classifieds wesbite such as Naija, create a great profile, list all the hairsttyles you can do, post clear photos of beautiful hairstyles you’ve previously done and show that you know your business.

Do these above listed things and in no time customers will be ringing your phone and booking you.

Make N300k selling hair to beautiful Nigerian Women

And the ultimate problem, ‘how to get customers?’

Finding customers for your hair business is not easy at all.

But you don’t have to worry about that.

Not anymore. is an online marketplace community platform that connects hairdressers, hair salons and hair vendors to customers in their area.

Buy and sell hair on

Why You Should Be A Mobile Hairdresser:

Becoming a mobile hairdresser has its benefits.

You won’t spend money opening a salon.

You’ll earn as much as N50k to N250k as long as you are diligent, honest and serious

There are tons of people who are in need of mobile hair styling services and they range from celebrities, brides to pregnant women to on-the-go personnels. You’ll be doing a great good by providing your service to these groups of people.

We’ve made it easy for hair vendors and buyers to meet.

And even easier for hairdressers and hair vendors to sell their products and services without having to step out of their homes.

Register on and start making money doing bridal hair

Now you can earn money without having to market yourself.

We do the marketing for you.

All you need to have is

  1. Hair making skills -If you are good at making the latest hairstyles such as Bridal hairstyles, goddess locs, passion twists, fulani hairstyle, Bantu Knots, Box Braids, weave-on, Bob wigs, etc
  2. Hair making tools – Tools such as wide tooth comb, hair conditioner, mousse, gel etc, hair dryers, hair jewellry etc are all necessary tools that a serious hairdresser needs to possess for clients to take her serious
  3. Be professional- Don’t be late and know your craft
  4. Social media page- Social media pages are a great way to showcase hairstyles you’ve done for previous clients. Potential clients will trust you if they see photos of what you’ve done in the past.
  5. Creative and In-the-know- Finally, be creative by practicing.
Earn money selling hair or making hair. Open an online store on to get started. has made it easier for you to register and offer your hairdressing services.

All you have to do as a hairstylist or hair vendor is open an online store. Upload photos of your products. Explain in detail what services you offer and allow us get you customers.

It’s that easy!

It’s also safe.

And secure. For both buyers and sellers.

The best part? It’s FREE!

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You don’t have to worry about getting customers.

They’ll find you!

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Did we tell you it’s FREE!

Everyday we get customers fervently searching for Chebe butter, children’s hairdressers, bridal hairstylists, relaxers, hair beads etc.

Sometimes they find in their area and other times they find sellers from far away.

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