Nigerian women love to look good. We know. And what better way to look good than getting our hair done, whether it be in its natural state or with a beautiful hair extensions. Nevertheless, we also know how challenging it can be for some of us to head on out to the salon. Some days, it could be our careers keeping us from salon time, other days it’s family then there are some days we don’t feel like going to the salon just because. And on those days when we don’t feel like going to the salon, we want the salon to come to us. 

That’s why we built Naija Hairland. 

For Nigerians who want that salon experience in their homes. 

On Naija Hairland you can find hairstylists who provide home services in your neighbourhood, hair salons near you, and you can even find hair vendors to deliver those quality hair care products including human hair to your doorstep.

Naija Hairland is the perfect marketplace for hairstylists, hair extensions and products vendors, hair salons as well as barbers can list their services by clicking the +Add Listing button above to list their services and get paying customers in no time.

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